Hypertension Care

Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure. It’s a condition that affects one in three adults in the US. Proper hypertension care is vital because untreated high blood pressure can lead to more serious health issues. This includes strokes, kidney failure, or heart attacks.

Blood pressure naturally increases as we age and hypertension is something we see frequently at Fairview Rehabilitation & Nursing Home. With our expertise, we are able to provide excellent hypertension care before further complications arise.

    Understanding hypertension

    Hypertension occurs when the amount of blood flowing through the arteries increases. The heart and blood vessels have to work harder. If left unmanaged, the strain put on these organs can lead to an increased risk of complications occurring.

    Hypertension not only affects the heart and kidneys, it can also cause issues with memory and could lead to dementia.

    People with high blood pressure often experience no symptoms and can suffer for years without knowing they have it. Therefore, it’s important to make a quick diagnosis so that hypertension care can begin.

    Hypertension care at Fairview rehab in queens nyc
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    Diagnosing hypertension

    As there are little to no symptoms, regular blood pressure tests will diagnose hypertension.

    During the test, two readings are taken. The first measures the amount of blood pumping around the body. Secondly, the level of resistance the arteries are showing to blood flow is recorded. Both readings are in mmHg (milligrams of mercury). The greater the amount of blood pumping and the thinner the arteries, the higher blood pressure will be.

    Every individual will have different readings, so it is hard to say what a “normal” reading should be. As a general rule for seniors, a blood pressure reading would be anything below 150/90 mmHg (150 over 90).

    Blood pressure can vary throughout the day. To ensure accurate diagnosis, our nursing staff takes regular readings at different times of the day. The appropriate hypertension care is then implemented.

    Outlook after diagnosis

    Although if left untreated hypertension can lead to serious problems, once diagnosed, the outlook is very positive.

    After identifying high blood pressure, a doctor is able to prescribe a hypertension care program. This may include individuals having to take medications for the rest of their lives or for a short period. It may also involve lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Following the prescribed treatment plan ensures a long, healthy life.

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    Hypertension care at Fairview

    At Fairview, hypertension care is an important part of our work. By regularly monitoring residents’ blood pressure, we aim to identify high-blood pressure as soon as possible. A care plan can then be put in place to manage the condition.

    Prescription medicines can help reduce hypertension. However, there are a number of lifestyle changes that we also help our residents to implement. Getting regular exercise can reduce blood pressure. People are encouraged to take part in our yoga or dance classes. Even some gentle stretching and walking can help.

    Eating a healthy diet that is low in sodium (salt) is also important when managing hypertension. Our dieticians adjust diets so residents receive the nutritional meals they need.

    Hypertension care is something we take very seriously here at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Queens, NY.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about our care program, contact us today.

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