Speech Therapy

For speech therapy at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home, we employ a team of skilled speech therapists that diagnose and treat patients suffering from language, speech, swallowing and cognition related problems.

Often at times these oral and cognitive challenges are experienced by patients who have undergone or are being treated for:

  • Cancer
  • Loss of hearing
  • Brain injuries

    • Other age-related degenerative or neurological diseases
    • The speech and swallowing ability of a person can be affected by an array of disorders that include: dysarthria, apraxia, orofacial myofunctional disorders, and dysphagia. These disorders directly impact the coordinated muscular movement and communication skills of an individual, resulting in speech and swallowing challenges.
    • Our speech therapists work with our patients 5 days a week, every week to address problems like or related to self-monitoring, self awareness, lack of focus, problem-solving, reasoning, planning, and execution of basic everyday tasks.

    Our Speech Therapy Services are Designed to Improve

    Speech Fluency

    We work one-on-one with our patients to help them overcome problems related to articulation, stuttering, pronunciation, vocalization, and literacy.

    This brings out and promotes fluency of speech as well as better communication among our residents.

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    Cognitive Communication

    Our patient specific therapy is aimed at making headway with the cognitive communication process of our residents.

    The activities are designed to help them get a better grip at problem-solving, perception, and reasoning in addition to improving their attention span and memory function.

    Swallowing Disorders

    Our therapists work on strengthening the oral muscles of our patients that consequently leads to better swallowing ability and a reduced risk of inhaling or choking on food or liquid.

    There are also regular evaluations to determine whether a patient is safe for the food consistency served at the facility or not.

    In addition, we provide Outpatient Rehab services. Just like inpatient care, our speech therapy services in our outpatient rehab department are high quality and done one-to-one. With our outpatient speech, language and swallowing therapy, you will be able to maintain and/or improve your previous skills.

    We want you to go back to your baseline functionality and maintain your functions. Do not hesitate to contact our Outpatient Rehab department for further information.

    With the Speech Therapy Program at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Queens, NY

    We Focus On People, Not the Disease

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