Outpatient Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is not just a treatment that only our residents can benefit from. At Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Queens, NY, we offer a full range of outpatient physical therapy services to help everyone get living life to the full.

Physical therapy focuses on improving mobility and aids recovery from serious health conditions.

    Who needs outpatient physical therapy?

    There are many reasons why people will require outpatient physical therapy: Arthritis and joint pain mean patients are unable to get around as well as they should. Post-surgery complications or orthopedic conditions can restrict movement. And dislocations, fractures, or injuries cause weakness in the muscles and limbs.

    Outpatient physical therapy is also beneficial for those suffering from neurological conditions such as stroke or traumatic brain injury.

    Outpatient physical therapy team of Fairview Rehab & Nursing home

    How can outpatient physical therapy help?

    Through manipulation, massage, exercise, and activities, outpatient physical therapy will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. The aim is to assist you in reclaiming independence and your active lifestyle. It will take time and hard work but you will soon begin to notice the improvements.

    Pain relief

    Many patients come to us at Fairview suffering from some sort of pain. Our number one priority is to relieve this pain in the best way we can. This may include using hot packs, cold packs, or electro-stimulation to reduce inflammation.

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    Focus on the whole body

    You may think that there’s just one part of your body causing issues. But in truth, focusing on strengthening the whole body will help you gain better mobility. For example, increasing muscle mass in your arms while you recover from a hip replacement gives you greater control and balance when walking with crutches.

    Bed mobility

    If you have a decreased range of movement due to an illness or injury, you may have to spend the majority of time in bed. Outpatient physical therapy can focus on improving your bed mobility. From twisting and rolling over to sitting up and lying down, you will use your whole body to perform movements.

    This form of therapy will help prevent bed sores and other wounds caused by immobility. Although you may work on bed mobility on a treatment table, the same motions can be done in your own bed.


    After an operation, it’s important to begin the journey to recovery as soon as possible. Ambulation involves getting in and out of bed and engaging in light activities such as sitting, standing, and walking.

    Flexible schedule

    Outpatient physical therapy allows patients some flexibility in their treatment schedules. Fairview’s professional staff will put together a personalized rehabilitation plan that will fit your busy lifestyle.

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    Outpatient physical therapy at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home

    Fairview offers outpatient physical therapy to all those living in Queens, NY and the surrounding areas. Our fully trained team of board-certified therapists and healthcare professionals will design a tailor-made treatment plan to help patients regain their independence.

    Our facility at Fairview has state-of-the-art equipment which specialists use in a variety of ways to help build muscle mass and improve strength endurance. Our holistic approach to outpatient physical therapy includes electrical stimulation, stair training, mat exercises, and therapeutic ultrasound. Our bionic leg machine allows us to focus on those patients with weak legs and help them to walk again.

    If you would like to know more about how Fairview’s outpatient physical therapy can help you or a loved one, get in touch with us today.

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