Nadine Wright

“Yesterday I couldn’t do as much as I can today.”

I was going to a party in December. I arrived there, and fell down the steps and landed on my head. When I woke up – I wasn’t even at the party an hour – they told me I was paralyzed from my head to my toes. I had to have a spinal cord operation in order for me to be able to walk again.

I woke up in Jamaica Hospital. Then I went to Mount Sinai – the first rehab place. They were the ones who believed in me that I would walk again.

Later on, I came to Fairview for rehab. Rehab was good. They taught me how to walk again. I can’t walk normal, but still I can already walk. It feels good to be tall like people again. My balance is back. I have the ability to believe that I can do something further. And I believe I will keep improving.

I had 100 days for rehab. During that time aids helped me tremendously. Afterwards, when rehab was over, they helped me walk. I walk upstairs. Every day I walk 400 feet. The legs get stronger. I do exercise now – make sure my legs don’t get stiff. I exercise the arms. The aids help me do exercises in the morning. That’s good and it’s very important.

I feel very optimistic about going further on with walking. I want to try to get dressed, put on a shirt, and take it off. That is important to me also.

Yesterday I couldn’t do as much as I can today. I can walk with the assistance of someone. I can do a few things. My sleeping is better. I can move around by myself. I go where I want to go although I can’t go outside by myself yet.

I can eat, brush my teeth. And I can say I’m getting better!

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