Substance Abuse: The Damage It Can Cause To Your Health

Addiction to any substance can lead to serious and long-term health conditions. Substance abuse can result in heart failure, stroke, neurological diseases, cardiovascular issues, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory problems, and organ damage.

At Fairview, our highly skilled team of medics is used to dealing with the health consequences of addiction such as heart attack and stroke. We offer treatments for the consequences of, and conditions associated with, substance abuse. Rest assured that you or your loved ones will receive kind, non-judgemental, compassionate care and support.

Nurse holding hands of a senior woman suffering from substance abuse conditions

Substance Abuse Can Cause Many Health Disorders

Substance abuse is not a matter to be taken lightly. It can make people a shadow of their former selves and ruin lives and relationships. Drug addiction – including alcohol abuse and smoking – can affect you both physically and mentally. It puts a huge strain on your body and can affect multiple organs.

Addiction is a difficult matter to discuss, but it’s important you get help if you are struggling. You may not realize that the psychological or physical symptoms you have are a result of substance abuse. What’s more, you may not understand the connection between addictive substances and the impact on your heart, lungs and brain.

The first step in overcoming an addiction is recognizing and acknowledging it. This is necessary to get the treatment you need to overcome the physical and mental effects of substance addiction.

Mental Disorders Caused by Substance Abuse

Scientists, doctors and psychologists know that substance abuse can cause a range of mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or a combination of these disorders can develop after addiction to any substance.

As addiction takes hold, parts of the brain involved with decision-making and impulse control may fail to function properly. Ultimately, addiction can affect you neurologically.

Infectious Diseases

Substance abuse can lead to an overall deterioration in your physical health and the body’s ability to fight off infection. A weakened immune system makes you more vulnerable to infectious diseases and reduces your resilience.

If you inject drugs or share or reuse needles, your risk of contracting a serious disease rises. Such behavior can lead, for example, to HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as other infections.

Cardiovascular Disease

Substance abuse can cause a host of serious cardiovascular problems. Certain drugs can make your heartbeat irregular and put you at higher risk of a heart attack. Drug addiction also increases your risk of high blood pressure, a stroke, clogged arteries, and cardiac valve infections.

It can also increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke, and makes you vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses.

Quite often, it is young people who get these diseases because of the drug addiction. Don’t brush off seemingly light symptoms and act immediately to get the medical care.

At Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Queens, NY we treat patients for heart failure, stroke, intracerebral haemorrhage and other health issues associated with substance abuse.

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This article contains informational and educational materials and does not replace health or medical advice. For questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or health objectives, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.