The Biggest Stoma Problem That Many Don’t Realize

Although stoma bags play a crucial rule in helping patients when the body isn’t able to eliminate fecal matter naturally, there are some problems to consider. These procedures may be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause of the issue, but one of the issues is most common.

To prevent such complications, ileostomy and colostomy care is often recommended. It offers consistent monitoring of the area. Trained staff also perform the necessary adjustments and treat problems as they arise.

Fairview Rehab in Queens, NY, offers ileostomy and colostomy care as well as emotional support, which is necessary for many stoma patients. Our well-trained nurses, therapists, and other staff provide clients with customized treatments for a quick, pain-free recovery.

To learn more about possible issues related to an ileostomy, check the following sections.

Black nurse taking care of a smiling elderly woman with stoma problems.

What is the Biggest Stoma Problem?

The biggest stoma problems are the emotional or psychological impacts, though there are several physical factors worth mentioning. It is crucial to avoid isolation and take great care of your psychological and mental health when living with a stoma.

After an ileostomy or colostomy, it takes time for an individual to adapt to a new way of life, even temporarily. Physical adjustments must be made, including watching for infection, irritation, or other issues around the surgical site. Mental health is also affected, requiring the proper advice and support.

Let’s take a look at how these problems affect individuals after the procedure.

What causes emotional and psychological impact?

  • Body’s altered functions

Though an ileostomy corrects a physical medical issue, it often causes emotional and psychological concerns because of the body’s altered functions, which individuals may fear they’ll never fully regain. The altered appearance of the surgical area may also cause a decrease in self-esteem while anxiety and depression increase.

  • Relationships with others

Another problem when living with a stoma bag experienced by patients is how the procedure affects relationships. Individuals are often embarrassed about the surgery or concerned they won’t be accepted by others. They may also worry about how the surgery will affect interactions at work or with romantic partners.

  • Worries about the care process

Worries about the ability to care for the surgical site and the equipment used for fecal elimination are common. Trained staff teach self-care, discuss concerns, or answer questions, but patients are often unsure of themselves when on their own.

Though such issues are common, discussions with a trained therapist are often helpful. A support system of family and friends also helps individuals work through any fears or concerns.

Emotional aspect is a major problem

Addressing anxiety and the emotional aspect of those with a stoma will help to reduce stress, and other stoma problems. In addition, it will prevent further complications, which are also common with this condition. Emotional well-being is closely linked with physical health.


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