IV Treatments – How Long Do Therapy Effects Last?

Many people say IV treatments are among the most miraculous medical interventions. And it is true that IV therapy is widely used to treat a variety of conditions. But is it really that effective and how long do the effects of this therapy last?

Intravenous therapy involves the delivery of liquid nutrition and medication directly into the bloodstream via a vein. Doctors most commonly recommend it for patients who for one reason or another cannot eat or drink normally. It is crucial that IV-certified medical professionals administer this therapy.

The information below is for educational purposes only. Talk to your doctor if you think you need IV therapy.

Nurse administering cannula of a patient as a part of IV treatment

What Are The Benefits Of IV Treatments?

  • This therapy are the quickest way to give your body the nutrition it needs since they bypass the digestive system. Used for decades by hospitals, IV therapy helps rehydrate patients who may be too sick to swallow.
  • Customized treatment guarantees the delivery of exactly the right amount of the right vitamins or antibiotics into the bloodstream.
  • Many patients with respiratory diseases or other illnesses suffer from fatigue, anxiety, or depression. IV treatments can boost the immune system and make you recover faster.
  • Dehydration, if not tackled promptly, can lead to organ malfunction as well as muscle damage. IV therapy rehydrates the body to support vital functions and restore health.
  • Many IV treatments are painless and don’t last longer than an hour, which means they are convenient.

IV therapy can also be used to:

  1. reduce reliance on costly nutritional supplements
  2. reduce the risk of cancer or respiratory illnesses
  3. help your body flush out harmful toxins
  4. address electrolyte imbalances.

How Long Do The Effects Of IV Therapy Last?

This will depend on a whole host of factors including your age and overall health condition. Typically, many treatments last for a few days, and some patients have regular IV therapy, say, every two weeks. Much will depend on why your doctor recommended IV therapy in the first place, and what your health goals are.

The duration of IV treatments will also depend on the IV cocktail that you have. Some ingredients have effects which last longer than others. To find out how long treatment for your particular needs could last, speak to your doctor.

Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Queens NY

Fairview’s IV-certified nurses administer IV therapy with great confidence and loving care. We pay particular attention to the strictest hygiene standards. We use Heplock, Perferal, PICC lines, central carterers and total parenteral nutrition, as necessary. This means we can treat a very wide range of patients and conditions. Rest assured that if you need IV treatments you will be in safe hands at Fairview rehab and nursing center.

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