Nursing Care after Surgery

A Step towards a Speedy Recovery

Nursing care becomes a necessity for many patients after surgery. The challenges they have to face post op are reduced by the help of the best possible nursing care they can get. Patients are in need of medical assistance and only highly professional nurses are trained to deal with their needs. Nurses provide post-surgery care and are well-equipped to deal with any health conditions, including knee replacements, hip fractures and other issues. The post operative nursing care involves IV therapy, wound care, medication administration, pain management and monitoring vital signs, pain levels and incisions.

Our professional team at Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Queens, NY, offer excellent nursing care to patients who underwent surgery. The nurses coordinate with other professionals – doctors, rehab therapists and social workers to ensure a speedy recovery. They plan and take measures to avoid complications and infections. Patients don’t only get physical healing at Fairview, but the whole team also works together to provide patients with emotional support.

What else does Nursing Care After Surgery involve?

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  • Education of patients

Fresh out of surgery, many patients need to know about their situation. The nursing staff educate each patient on their condition. They make sure the patients are up to date on their progress and the treatments they receive. Most of the nurses at Fairview Rehab are bilingual, but we also have interpreters. The staff provides communication aid to new residents at the rehab.

  • Dealing with complications

These skilled nurses ensure that post operative healing is pain-free and less dramatic for patients. It is imperative to prevent complications and infections. Quite often, some complications arise due to immobility.

Bed sores are top of the list. In such conditions, nursing care after surgery is what any patient requires.

High insulin levels are also one of the causes of complications. The round-the-clock nurses at Fairview rehab make sure that such cases don’t happen. They remain vigilant and are in constant attendance. This way, the patients are never at risk and get the best post-operative nursing care.

Some patients have to deal with constant pain after surgery. It is possible to provide them relief through proper medication. The nursing staff has to make sure that healing is rapid, and patients remain comfortable through every up and down.

They provide therapy for those who have suffered from strokes, orthopedic injury, traumatic brain injury, dementia, or other neurological conditions.

The goal is a speedy recovery

Our nursing staff brings hope, perseverance, creativity and dedication to our residents. With the help of skilled nurses, speedy recovery of patients is possible. At Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Forest Hill, Queens, NY, the team of qualified nursing staff works day and night to provide quality services. The educated nurses are proficient and know exactly how to handle the needs of patients through post-op rehabilitation.

The team of qualified nurses at Fairview is proficient in dealing with patients who also have chronic illnesses and physical disabilities.

This article contains informational and educational materials and does not replace health or medical advice. For questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or health objectives, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.