How To Recover From A Heart Attack

Most people recover from a heart attack but it’s useful to get a few tips on what to do. A heart attack is a major event in your life. Depending on its severity you will need to change the way you live. The main aim is to prevent another heart attack. A secondary objective will be to try and live as normal a life as possible.

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See the tips below to learn what you could also do to help improve you condition.

Nurse helping senior patient to recover from a heart attack

Do minor activities to recover from heart attack

You should avoid intensive activities, but that does not mean you must be completely inactive. It’s crucial to maintain your independence. You should try to work slowly through your normal routines of dressing, doing your bed, tooth-brushing, and making yourself look good.

Meditation and chair yoga are great ways to boost your energy through breathing exercises and stretching without straining yourself. Take a short walk with a friend. Dine with others and engage in conversation and have fun. It’s important to get all the moral and physical support you can.

Climbing stairs

Take care when climbing stairs. Take your time and rest frequently. Depending on your circumstances, it might be a good idea to place a chair on a turn in the staircase. That way you have somewhere to rest. Climbing stairs is more strenuous than you may realize. Basically, you’re using one leg at a time to lift your entire body weight. Hold on to bannisters or railings to prevent a fall.


Walking is a great type of gentle exercise. It’s best to be accompanied by someone if you are just recovering from a heart attack. It’s good to take a walk when you feel well-rested, or to promote digestion after a meal. Take a walking cane if you think that will help you balance. If possible, try to walk in a garden or park or somewhere with fresh air and no traffic.

Avoid feeling tired!

It’s important to get into a good bedtime routine for improved sleep. Your carers can help you with this. Research suggests that you should avoid using computers, smartphones or tablets just before sleeping. Read a paper or book instead. If you can get a decent night’s sleep, you are less likely to feel tired during the day. That means you can do all the necessary therapy to recover from a heart attack.

Resume hobbies and social activities

Don’t isolate yourself. Try not to feel sorry for yourself. Engaging with others in social activities is important for your mental and physical well-being. Playing cards, doing embroidery, playing with pets are all beneficial activities which can help you recover from a heart attack. Singalongs are great because they get your lungs working. Reminiscing about the past and having a joke with others is good for you. Talk to your doctor and carers about getting the right recreation therapy to suit your condition.

Limit visits and socialization at the beginning

If you have just come from an acute care setting you should limit visits and socializing. To recover from a heart attack, you need to take time to get used to your surroundings. You need time to get used to the routines of the care home you may be in. And you need time to get to know your medication routines, doctors, staff and carers.

This article contains informational and educational materials and does not replace health or medical advice. For questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or health objectives, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.