Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain Relief In The Elderly

Although all rehabilitation centers offer medical services to ensure that the patients can get back their life of independence, there are times when health practitioners want to deviate from the original medication and try something that’s also worthwhile; physical therapy. Unfortunately though, most seniors have some qualms about the benefits of physical therapy for pain relief.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

The main goal of physical therapy is to increase mobility, restore the person’s functionality and to reduce pain. For seniors, it’s an effective alternative to traditional medicine. Contrary to the common belief that physical therapy is just something to keep seniors busy, it does have its share of benefits. When age negatively affects mobility, it’s mostly physical therapy that can save seniors. How? By improving their mobility and giving them the strength to overcome chronic pain.

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Physical Therapy vs. Chronic Diseases

As we age, the risk of diseases and illnesses increase. Several researches have been conducted to gauge the truth, which all vouch for the benefit of physical therapy in helping seniors manage chronic disease. Physical therapy works best against the following diseases and illnesses;

  • Arthritis
  • Stroke
  • Incontinence
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Physical impairment can cause quite a disruption in the life of seniors. The pain and the lack of functionality can make it difficult for them to lead independent lives. The loss of this basic element of life causes a deep impact on their mental health. That’s where physical therapy comes to the rescue.

Rehabilitation centers have developed a number of treatment programs to ensure that senior patients can go back to enjoying an independent lifestyle, without the constant worry of pain. At Fairview, the whole process is carried out systematically, to ensure that all the needs of our senior patients are met.

The Journey of Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

  • Initial examination
  • Set up goals
  • Establish a plan of care
  • Prevent future pathology
  • Treatment of pain
  • Restoration of function

There are many different techniques that help patients with pain management but it all starts with educating them about the program. Some patients even have to be taught the way to move more appropriately and efficiently to prevent pain. Their posture can make a great difference and that’s the first thing our staff works on during physical therapy for pain relief.

Techniques for Pain Relief

For some patients, even simple techniques can do wonders. Depending on the type of injury or illness, the patients are advised by our qualified staff. Some of those techniques for pain are exercise, stretching and strengthening exercises. Some patients are also interested in manual therapy. This way, they can get relief from muscle spasm and stiff joints.

Hot or cold therapy is also one of the most effective pain relief techniques. Hot and cold packs are used simultaneously to help get rid of chronic pain. Electrical stimulation is also an effective technique in physical therapy for pain relief.

This article contains informational and educational materials and does not replace health or medical advice. For questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or health objectives, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.