What Is the Best Treatment for A Sports Injury?

Sports can be a fun way to get some exercise, regardless of your age, though there are downsides. The risk of getting hurt is always possible for those engaging in physical activities. After sustaining a sports injury, physical therapy or occupational therapy may be needed, even for more minor issues. Therapy will ensure that the injury heals properly and safely for a full recovery.

Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Queens NY offers inpatient and outpatient rehab for injuries related to sports, workplace accidents, or falls. Our facility features state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment and a fully trained staff to ensure the best care possible. For more information on what to expect in terms of physical therapy and rehab, keep reading.

Female patient getting physical therapy to help recover from accident injuries. Physical therapy also helps with sport injury.

Rehab For a Sports Injury

After any injury, you’re likely to experience pain and swelling, so the first step is to reduce these symptoms. Heat and ice on the affected area are essential, though medication and massage therapy could also be included.

Once the swelling has reduced, physical therapy for your sports injury can begin. After a period of inactivity, stiffness in the muscles and joints is likely. Increasing your mobility is a must, requiring range of motion exercises. These are designed to increase flexibility for better, more natural movement.

Physical therapy after an injury will also include strength and endurance training. These exercises will help you regain what you’ve lost in these areas and will be tailored to meet your capabilities. A physical therapist will also advise you to push your limits at a safe pace to prevent further damage.

Another important aspect of physical therapy after a sports injury is increasing your coordination. Whether you’re a successful athlete or just like to participate for fun, coordination is essential. When an area is injured, it may need to re-learn how to work well with the rest of your body. Specific exercises designed to help you meet these goals will ensure you’re capable of participating in your favorite sport again.

What kind of injuries need physical therapy?

Sports injuries occur more often than you may realize. Even those who participate in non-contact sports can sustain minor to severe injuries. Though some damage can be healed at home, several issues require physical therapy for a full recovery.

A sprain is one of the most common. It is caused when the ligaments between bones and joints stretch too far or tear. Strains happen when muscles overextend, also resulting in stretching or tearing. Tendinitis results from repetitive movements, causing swelling or inflammation in the tissue between muscle and bone.

A dislocation, which happens when the bone leaves its usual joint position, is another sports injury requiring rehab. Cartilage is a strong, flexible substance found at the ends of some bones. It offers shock absorption and protection, though it isn’t indestructible and could tear, requiring rehab.

Other possible injuries include tennis elbow, shin splints, ACL tears, or concussion. Though these affect varying parts of the body, they all require physical therapy to repair damage and get you back in the game.

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