The Fastest Ways To Heal A Fractured Clavicle

A fractured clavicle is the medical term for a broken collarbone and usually occurs after an accident or fall. Having one arm immobilized can be frustrating and make it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, these fractures are serious as they affect your whole body and put a strain on you mentally and physically.

In the early stages you may be in considerable pain, so care regimes usually involve pain-relieving medication. Physical therapy and strengthening exercises will be part of your rehabilitation which can take several weeks.

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What To Do For A Clavicle Fracture

If you’ve got a fractured clavicle you’ll be in pain and will be holding the affected arm to support it. The first thing to do is to see a doctor who will advise if surgery is necessary and how to recover fast.

Most times surgery is not necessary and treatment is with a simple sling or a brace. The aim is to immobilize the arm and hold it firmly against the body. Sometimes nurses use binding around the sling to hold it to the body. Alternatively, a figure-of-eight splint wraps around both shoulders and the neck to hold the fractured clavicle in the right position.

Patients should wear the sling at all times until there is no pain when they move the affected arm.

How Long Is The Recovery?

Recovery time from a fractured clavicle normally takes 4-8 weeks in adults. For seniors the healing time is closer to eight weeks and possibly longer. Therapists and carers will try to ensure that further knocks or accidents don’t occur during the recovery period.

Tailored physical therapy can help with rehabilitation, but it needs to be done under supervision to be safe.

Occupational therapy can also help recovery by teaching people how to perform daily living tasks in a safe way.

How Serious Is A Clavicle Fracture?

The severity of a fractured clavicle depends on where the break occurred. Fractures near the shoulder may need surgery or take longer to heal. Another determinant of the recovery time is a person’s overall state of health and emotional well-being.

Alongside professional care, an important aspect of recovery from a clavicle fracture is emotional support. Breaking a bone is traumatic, especially in the elderly, so loving support from nurses, friends and family is vital.

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