Proven Ways You Can Speed Up Broken Bone Healing

Whether it’s a simple or complex fracture, there is no single best approach to healing broken bones quickly. Experience shows that it’s often a combination of exercise program with physical therapy, pain management, emotional support and a well-balanced diet with vitamins and minerals that works best. However, doggedly sticking to a program of physical therapy is a key way to speed up broken bone healing.

Physical therapy will help you restore full range of functionality, strength ad flexibility. This therapy can be the key to becoming mobile again. Closely follow the advice of your physical therapist to avoid complications.

Therapist guiding senior man with a stretching exercise to speed up broken bone healing.

Physical Therapy Speeds Up Broken Bone Healing

If you have a broken arm or leg, wiggling the fingers or toes regularly helps the healing process. That’s because it helps circulate blood to the fractured area. Your physical therapist will give you such tips to complement the therapy package you receive. Good blood supply is vital for healing, so avoid anything that weakens blood flow and slows healing, such as smoking.

Therapists often use devices to improve the flow of oxygenated blood to the fracture area. They will show you how to safely perform a range of exercises designed to improve joint flexibility and overall mobility. Obviously, any physical therapy will be tailored to suit your specific circumstances.

Well-balanced diet

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is also important for speeding up the healing of broken bones. Be sure to eat foods rich in calcium, zinc and magnesium, such as milk, fish and fresh vegetables. At the same time, be sure to eat foods with sufficient calories and protein to keep your energy levels up.

Think carefully about your diet and food intake if you want to recover more quickly from a fracture. Giving the body the right balance of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, while increasing your calorie and protein intake aids healing. Traumatic fractures place bigger metabolic demands on your body, and these can only be met by eating more and better.

Vitamin and minerals

Vitamins and minerals can be given orally in the form of capsules or through IV therapy. The latter method is for patients who may have difficulty swallowing or who may have related problems due to neurological disorders. Vitamins and minerals also speed up and accelerate broken bone and fracture healing in complex but proven ways.

Anti-inflammatory nutrients such as Vitamin C and Quercetin are great for helping to reduce swelling around the fracture. Such nutrients promote the natural fracture healing process which involves complex processes of cell and tissue proliferation. Get the best advice from a nutritionist to speed up broken bone healing.

Take your pain medication, mineral and vitamin supplements and understand that IV therapy is sometimes used to deliver them. While you may find some physical therapy tedious, don’t underestimate the importance of your exercise routines.

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