Shortness of Breath After Heart Failure

Are you suffering from shortness of breath and fatigue after heart failure and wonder if physical activities could help? As with many other conditions and ailments, physical therapy has tremendous benefits for those who have suffered heart failure. The cliche may say that “laughter is the best medicine” but there’s a strong case to be made that exercise deserves that title too!

How physical therapy can help with shortness of breath

Weakened blood circulation of patients who have had heart attack causes breathlessness and fatigue. Physical therapy and exercises do help improve these patients’ blood circulation.

Different kinds of physical therapy provide different kinds of benefits to people who have suffered heart failure. Generally speaking, there are three different sorts of physical therapy that can affect the heart: Cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength.

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Of the three, cardiovascular training has the most straightforward effect on the heart muscle. It improves oxygen distribution throughout the body and lowers blood pressure. It also makes breathing easier and reduces the resting heart rate.


Flexibility therapy primarily benefits the patient by preventing future injury and strain on the muscles and ligaments.


Finally, strength training helps ensure that the patient does not gain weight and become obese, tones and strengthens their muscles and bones. In addition, it prevents injury from everyday movements and efforts. Stronger muscles and bones are better able to resist the tensions associated with daily stressors.

Strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training all deliver unique and substantial benefits to people who have recently suffered heart failure. Of course, care must be taken not to over-exert the heart or any other organ. Therefore, supervised physical therapy, in which the patient is overseen by a trained therapist, is preferred.

Supervised physical therapy

Outpatient and inpatient supervised physical therapy at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Queens NY is second-to-none. With each program designed for the individual patient, Fairview endeavors to return its patients to the condition they were in before suffering heart failure. Their skilled therapists stay with the patient every step of the way, monitoring patient health, recovery, and progress.

Our physical therapy utilizes several effective techniques, including electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, bionic leg machine exercises, stair training, and mat exercises.

Outpatient physical therapy

World-class care is no longer confined to our facility! Our therapists provide stellar outpatient physical therapy to patients. With a focus on overall mobility and life function, our therapists work with their patients to ensure they can move from bed to bathroom and back again. We’ve designed our patient interactions to carefully return the patient to the abilities they enjoyed before suffering injury.

 We are very happy to provide the rehabilitation therapies we provide in-house on an outpatient basis, ensuring that your care is superb.

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Do you have a loved one who suffers from short of breath and other symptoms and could benefit from physical therapy in a supervised environment? Visit Fairview and their website to get a detailed look at their complete and caring services. We are one of the leading in- and outpatient rehab facilities in Queens, NY. We’d be happy to provide our uniquely beneficial services to you or your loved one today!

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