Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Smiling and Laughter

Do you sometimes wonder how some people don’t follow doctors’ orders but live to a ripe old age? Good health depends in large measure on being optimistic and having a positive outlook on life. Smiling is thought to increase your serotonin hormones, which makes you feel happy and improves your sleep and even digestion. Another health benefit of smiling is that the increased level of serotonin helps you to fight off stress, depression and anxiety.

Engaging in enjoyable and fun activities can bring out the best in people and make them feel good about themselves and life. Smiling can be infectious and helps dispel despondency and maintain a positive atmosphere around you. If you are feeling stressed, why not try to smile? It’s amazing what a difference it can make to your mood and that of others!

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Pet therapist with an elderly woman and a therapist dog smiling and getting health benefits

Health Benefits of Smiling – Better Immune System

The immune system helps you fight off illnesses, so anything that strengthens it is worthwhile. Smiling has known health benefits, is thought to boost the immune system, and helps you cope better with pain. Smiling puts you in a better frame of mind and helps relieve stress, which is known to be a killer.

Smiling is a natural antidepressant that can improve neural pathways, boost your mood, and improve resilience. This in turn may positively impact the immune system and your ability to resist infections.

Live Longer!

Laughing and smiling affects your mood and that of others around you. But it also has physical healing benefits. People who smile and have a positive outlook on life live longer and experience a range of health benefits. Serotonin hormones produced during smiling and laughter help you cope better with stress and regulate your metabolism, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Smiling may be triggered by social activities and banter. People who smile also tend to be socially engaged which helps you relax and reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Did you know that smiling also makes you look younger and sends positive messages to the brain?

Chase away illnesses

Smiling is associated with happiness, mental balance, and contentment. When you are relaxed in this way it is likely that the heart and mind are less burdened by worries. One of the additional health benefits of smiling is improved resilience and the ability to fend off illnesses. A genuine smile can alter your mental state, with direct physical health benefits, research indicates.

Heal neurological issues

The health benefits of smiling should never be dismissed as trivial.

Smiling suggests a degree of control, self-esteem, success, and attractiveness. Smiling can have beneficial health effects on the nerves and neurological disorders.

Also, smiling is a natural drug that releases endorphins, makes you feel happy and relaxed, and eases pain.

Doctors and psychologists have long been aware of the health benefits of smiling, as smiling often reflects inner content.

This article contains informational and educational materials and does not replace health or medical advice. For questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or health objectives, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.