Pet Therapy Benefits for the Elderly

Turns out that pets have a lot more to offer than just being adorable little creatures. Did you know that several researchers advocate the fact that owning a pet can actually reduce the seniors’ chances of developing a heart-related condition? There are also a number of other pet therapy benefits for them.

The benefits that a fluffy cat or a friendly dog can bring with them for an elderly person are not just limited to the physical aspect. Mental and psychological benefits can also be reaped by spending time with a pet near you.

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Seniors, in particular, are more likely to complain of experiencing loneliness. There is something about getting to a specific age and feeling alienated from others. Finding people you could relate to becomes difficult. In such cases, having a pet around a senior, can be a great way to take that loneliness down not just one, but several notches.

Several seniors feel that a dog would actually make better company than anybody else!

Pets can also work as social catalysts and work as a powerful element to bring the old and young closer to each other. Needless to say, the elderly people who do have a pet in their life tend to report feeling better, less lonely and happier with their lives.
We already discussed this particular benefit in the beginning of the post. Several health care providers believe that the connection between animals and humans is so strong that they can help beat stress, consequently bringing cardiovascular symptoms down. So in short, these warm and fuzzy animals are one drug which we would not mind having over and over!
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