Pets Boost Health: Proven Reasons Why You Need Them

Spending time with animals brings joy and pleasure, especially for elderly people who can no longer keep their own pets. Research has shown that pets boost health and relieve stress. Gently cuddling a friendly dog or spending quality time petting a fluffy rabbit makes you feel calm and relaxed. Many adults and elderly people love spending time with animals, which is why pet therapy is vital for their quality of life.

Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home’s pet therapy is very popular. Our dogs and rabbits bring joy to patients and staff alike, are fun to play with, and encourage conversation. We know that pets boost health, which is why we create opportunities for our residents to spend time with animals.

Adorable rabbit bringing joy to boost health

How Pets Boost Your Health?

Pets have many therapeutic benefits for people who spend time with them. They can reduce loneliness, depression and stress and bring a smile to your lips. Many elderly people do not have loved ones to hug or cuddle. Pets boost health as you can touch, talk to, and interact, with them. Studies have shown that touching another being has important psychological benefits.

Pets Boost Health and Help With Loneliness

As we age, our social circle of family and friends gets smaller and it is common to feel lonely. Pets provide companionship, alleviate isolation and loneliness, and boost health. Quality one-on-one time with a loving animal can give you a real sense of connection with another being. Learning their names, their personality and their quirky habits can make you feel more connected to them.

Spending time with animals can also help you connect with friends who share the joy and fun they bring. Pets can be a great talking point and a springboard into light-hearted conversation, jokes and laughter for everyone involved.


Sadly, many elderly people can feel depressed due to the challenges of poor health. A great antidote is animal therapy. Pets boost your health and psychological wellbeing and help lift you out of despondency.

Playing with pets can raise levels of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals that relax you and lower depression. What could be more uplifting than a wide-eyed smiling face and special attention from a furry friend?

Pets Boost Health By Reducing Stress

Petting responsive animals is soothing, stimulates the senses and makes you feel more contented. Let the stresses and strains of daily life melt away as you pet and stroke friendly animals.

Pets provide huge amounts of distraction and entertainment with their funny antics and little quirks. Petting a furry friend can take your mind off stressful thoughts and promote positivity and happiness. No wonder pets boost health – they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

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