Speech Therapy Activities for the Elderly in Queens, NY

For patients experiencing cognitive and oral challenges, our team at Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home in Forest Hill, NY, has designed special programs. The team works dedicatedly to diagnose and treat patient and to help them on their journey to recovery, through speech therapy activities. Even though the patients might face challenges along the way, our team makes sure to keep the things positive.

Many of the patients who come looking for help are either treated for the following conditions;

Speech Therapy Activities

Speech therapy activities are used to assist patients and help them regain their former lives back.

Many patients have to relearn to speak and our speech therapists work with them 5 days a week to address their problems. The main focus is to help the patients deal with issues pertaining to self awareness, self monitoring, planning, reasoning, problem-solving and execution of daily tasks.

Cognitive Communication Activities

With an emphasis on the patients’ recovery, our experienced speech therapists work hard each day. Cognitive communication activities have been specially designed to help patients improve their memory function and attention span.

Restore the Clarity of Speech

To facilitate speech fluency, our speech therapists work one-on-one with our patients to help them overcome speech problems. Patients dealing with problems related to stuttering, vocalization and pronunciation are given special attention.

Over time, the patients’ speech develops, and their voice also heals. A detailed speech therapy treatment plan and effective speech therapy exercises are used to achieve the desired results.

Safe Swallowing

Due to oral damage, some patients aren’t able to swallow properly. These swallowing disorders are worked on by strengthening the oral muscles. Regular speech therapy exercises eventually leads to better swallowing skills. This way, the risk of choking on food or inhaling it accidently is reduced.

How we do it?

Evaluation by speech-language pathologist

Professional speech language pathologist works with each patient to get the desired results. Since each case differs from the next one, getting professional opinion clears the path that a patient must take to recover.


Each patient is assessed to find out what problems they face and what the therapists need to work on.

Speech therapy treatment plan based on your special needs

After the assessment, the therapist design special programs, based on the special needs of each patient.


Speech therapy activities and specialized equipment are used to assist the patients in any way. The team puts their hard work in rehabilitation of these patients.

Vocal exercises

Whether its inpatient or outpatient services, all patients are assigned vocal exercises. These exercises work to strengthen and eventually heal the oral muscles. Regular exercise sessions facilitate fast results and that’s where our speech therapists concentrate most.

Fairview Rehab has skilled Adult Speech Language Pathologists who provide both inpatient and outpatient services. We provide our specialized speech therapy in Queens, NY. So head over to Fairview Rehab and take a tour of the premises.

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