Ronald Wiesenfeld


Ronald Wiesenfeld, Fairview residentI am 74. I have stayed at Fairview for about 5 weeks or so. I had a cardiac arrest and eventually I got an infection and my kidneys failed. I came here from hospital to stay here to get infusions of antibiotics. Now I am feeling great and I am going home tomorrow.

They did a good job on me. They made me stronger. I came for one thing but while I was here, they took care of other things. My legs and my arms were weak. So, I had great physical therapy and occupational therapy. I walk a lot faster now than when I did when I first came in.

It is unbelievable. The staff is great, very friendly and very responsive. The nurses and the assistants are excellent here.

I was in a rehab before and the hospital wanted me to go back to that rehab which was upstairs, but I did not and I am very happy with the results here.

Also, I am an animal person, and I love wearing shirts with the picture of animals. So, I felt very good here to be able to play with the dogs. Even my daughter came here to play with Sophie. It is wonderful!

I must say that it is calm and relaxing here.

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