Rosario Huertas

Rosario Huertas, Fairview patientI can tell you this – Fairview’s physical therapy department has much more equipment than the last places I have been to.  It’s the third time I have been in the nursing home. I have been in three nursing homes. But when I saw all the physical therapy equipment here, I wondered what was all that. My husband said that is the physical therapy department. I was surprised.

They even have a parallel bar and they have all those bikes. This looks like I will come out faster because they make me work a lot and that is why I thought I will stay at Fairview.

I am 63 years old. I have been here since last November. I had a heart attack, I was taken to hospital. So, I could not walk, I could not sit and my legs were hurting me. Because I have diabetes, I have neuropathy. They said I should go to a nursing home and they sent me here.

I have been doing physical therapy here. Also I had to get vascular nerve procedure on my leg. Now I can walk with a walker, but my legs are still numb now and I am waiting for my second appointment to get my other leg done. Because just like my heart was clogged, my legs were clogged too.

The whole area of my thumbs is numb. So, I hope that after the procedure, I can feel them again and my leg will be fine again.

I’ve also had occupational therapy, which also helped with pain. I had 10 fractures, I have arthritis. The weather like today hurts me everywhere. The physical therapy department helped me a lot.

I am so happy that can walk now. I could not even sit when I just came in.

I love the animals here too. I love the dog here – Labrador Retriever. I will have one when I retire.

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