Promote Your Recovery After Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery is a common procedure designed to alleviate chest pain and shortness of breath. Surgeons first take a healthy blood vessel from your leg, arm or chest. They then use it to replace a section of a blocked artery in your heart. The procedure does not cure heart disease but improves heart function and reduces the risk of dying of heart disease.

This is a serious operation and you’ll need to make lifestyle changes after surgery. Recovery requires cardiac rehabilitation to reduce the risk of a blood clot and help your heart function.

Nurse giving injection to patient who have had coronary bypass surgery

Symptoms After Coronary Bypass Surgery

After this surgery you may experience the following signs that are very common after this operation.

  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • Having chest pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling depressed
  • Swollen feet and ankles.

Depending on your overall health condition, you may also experience other symptoms like extreme weakness.

How To Take Care Of Yourself After Surgery

If, after surgery, you have fever, a rapid heart rate or worsened pain around your chest wound, see your doctor.

Recovery depends on the type of coronary bypass surgery you had and how invasive it was. It may also depend on your age, mental state, support network, and overall health. Generally speaking, you can expect a recovery period of 6-12 weeks.

It’s important to look after yourself after coronary bypass surgery and follow a cardiac rehabilitation program. This will be tailored to your individual health condition and circumstances. It will involve a strict regime of medication to reduce cholesterol and the risk of blood clots developing.

Therapy includes daily mild breathing exercises, and gentle physical exercises. All such exercises need to be done safely, so it’s really important that you follow your therapist’s instructions. Good nutrition and correct diet are also important so, again, heed the advice of your doctor or therapist.

Life Expectancy After Coronary Bypass Surgery

If there are no complications, many people feel better and remain symptom-free for up to 10-20 years. Over time, however, it is possible that other arteries will become clogged, requiring further surgery.

How well you do after coronary bypass surgery will depend on closely adopting lifestyle changes and following your medication regime. For instance, if you smoke, you should quit smoking. You should also achieve and maintain a healthy weight by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet for heart issues. And don’t ignore your mental health: socialize and engage in enjoyable activities with others to manage stress.

Fairview In Queens NY

Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home provides the perfect setting for recuperation after a heart operation. Our highly skilled team of nurses and rehabilitation therapists know how to look after you if you’ve had coronary bypass surgery.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our care services and therapy plans. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about cardiac rehab after bypass surgery. Our receptionist is available to answer your inquiries or direct your calls as necessary.

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