Improving Quality Of Life Through Speech Therapy For Adults

Communication and fulfilling social interactions can be the key to happiness and healthiness. At Fairview Rehab and Nursing Home in Queens NY, we’re familiar with the specific challenges adult and elderly patients face when their speech has become compromised.

What is speech therapy for adults?

We often think of speech therapy as a tool used with children. If you haven’t directly experienced the benefits of speech therapy for adults, it can be difficult to imagine how it’s used with an adult patient. You may be surprised to learn that speech therapy is used for adults and the elderly more frequently than you realize.

Fairview Rehab staff providing speech therapy for adults to a senior man

A speech deficit can be caused suddenly or take place over a period of time. Degenerative neurological illnesses, strokes, and traumatic brain injuries can all impair a person’s ability to communicate effectively. Even hearing loss that accompanies the normal aging process can impact a person’s ability to speak. 

The individual patient’s needs, as well as what has caused their speech impairment will dictate the kind of speech therapy treatment plan they’ll most benefit from. The different areas speech therapists focus on include speech fluency, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders.  

Does speech therapy work for adults?

Speech therapy for adults can be highly effective. One-on-one sessions designed specifically for your loved one’s needs are used to strengthen skills through fun activities. They provide needed social interaction while improving skills and abilities during low-stress, effective exercises.

When it comes to speech therapy for adults, it’s not always only about speaking. For those adults who’ve experienced a brain injury, a speech therapist can help them regain the physical abilities required to safely swallow and eat. Both cognitive and physical deficiencies impairing your loved one’s ability to communicate can be improved through the use of speech therapy.

Can adults benefit from speech therapy?

There’s no speech impairment or difficulty too small—or too large—to tackle through the use of speech therapy. Speech therapy can help adults gain confidence and restore their ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with their peers. If you are considering speech therapy, don’t hesitate to get registered in a program. The sooner a speech impairment is addressed, the more likely your loved one will be able to overcome it. 

You’ll love seeing your loved one’s language and life skills improve through the use of speech therapy. Just as important, you’ll likely see they learn how to cope with any impairment more effectively. They’ll gain the tools needed to address their difficulties instead of feeling defeated or becoming frustrated. They may also find comfort in realizing they aren’t the only adults participating in speech therapy.

Finding the right speech therapy program

Looking for more direction or a tailored treatment plan? Contact the Fairview Rehab and Nursing staff to set up a consultation and learn more about the speech therapy for adults options offered for patients. Our knowledgeable and caring providers offer speech therapy treatment plans for adults, helping them regain their ability to communicate and improve their quality of life. With a little speech therapy, your loved one can be on their way to a new lease on life with improved speech and gained confidence.